Relishing Recipes Of fine Indian Cuisines For Distinctive Indian Dining.

North Indian desserts

Sitar Indian Cuisine’s Kamal Arora: 3 items he always keeps in his home fridge.

Asked what he’d pick for his last meal, Sitar Indian Cuisine owner Kamal Arora says, “Dessert, of course.” But which one? “A lot of desserts. I’d have them all,” Arora, 34, answers with a hearty chuckle. Asked for Sitar’s signature dish, Arora, who is wearing a striped polo shirt, cites Chicken Tikka Masala, which features white meat swimmingly in a …

Bengali Cuisine Non Veg Thali

Sample authentic Bengali cuisine at Baluchi, The Lalit.

Honestly this is the most authentic Bengali food we’ve had in Mumbai in a while. The price is a little steep, but the food ” heavenly, says Dhiman Chattopadhyay. A girl dressed as Bengali housewives would around 100 years ago, greets us as we step into Baluchi, the Indian restaurant at The Lalit. The entire restaurant looks like a Bengali …

Chingri Bharta Spicy Stir Fried Shrimps

Chingri Bhorta – Spicy Stir Fried Shrimp Paste.

Shrimps are quick and easy to prepare and auspiciously tasty. You can cook shrimps in less than 10 minutes and your family will be just happy to have it at the dinner table. Shrimps have their own way of making a boring curry like lau-er tarkari (bottle gourd curry) or kumro boti into something with a wonderful taste and gives a different feel to …

Bengali Style Cuisine

Bengali Style Meatballs.

Jamai shashthi or as you can loosely translate in English is the son-in-law day. Its a day when the son-in-law is invited to the house, and is feted and fed with Bengali delicacies. Jamai shashthi comes in the Bengali month of jaistho, and it is a social custom to formally invite and feed the son-in-law. Like most Bengali customs, this day …

Tandoori Mushroom

What Makes Traditional North Indian Food Popular?

When it comes to Indian food, in Malaysia there are more Muslim Indian restaurants than both the south Indian and North Indian restaurants basically because many of them open longer hours and are quite affordable. Here, the North Indian restaurants are considered more high end as they have put themselves in that category due to the finer dining set up. …