Bengali Style Meatballs.

Jamai shashthi or as you can loosely translate in English is the son-in-law day. Its a day when the son-in-law is invited to the house, and is feted and fed with Bengali delicacies.

Jamai shashthi comes in the Bengali month of jaistho, and it is a social custom to formally invite and feed the son-in-law. Like most Bengali customs, this day is mostly about the food. Growing up, my granny used to make a huge meal for my mother – it mostly included four to five types of fishes from fries to curries and there was also vegetarian options and ending with chatni, papad, rasogolla and misti doi.

Days have passed and with my granny’s passing this custom have also ended. But, with my generation, jamai shashthi is still celebrated, but differently. My uncle,who lives in the US too have invited us for jamai shashthi, but not for a huge Bengali menu, but for a weekend barbecue.

Whatever it be, a twelve course Bengali meal or a weekend bbq, jamai shashthi is all about the food you serve to your son-in-law. So, here’s a my contribution to the menu, meatballs. Meatballs are very popular American food, inspired by the American meatballs here’s my Bengali take on meatballs.

Check out the recipe at this link: