Bengali Cuisine Bong-A-Bong.

Bengali Food Bong MomGiven that you live in New Jersey, how do your American friends respond to Bengali food?

Every Bengali I have befriended in the US is a great cook. I don’t know how or why but they all are fabulous home cooks. I have said that in the book too. However, Bengali food is not really popular with the Americans who are used to the standard Indian restaurant fare of butter chicken and naan. I am sure there are those who are more experimental but I am yet to befriend them.


Apart from the Bengali recipes in your blog, there are also some Continental or Chinese ones. Will you explore this further? Perhaps Bong Mom’s Non-Bong Cookbook?

“Bong Mom’s Non-Bong Cookbook” sounds perfect. I do cook a lot of non-Bong food at home, pasta being a popular choice with my daughters. But I really want to explore Bengali cuisine further. There are so many possibilities in that cuisine that I would love to know and share more. The more I know about Bengali and regional Indian food, the more I learn about our traditions and history.