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There are many Indian restaurants that are catering delicious food to the customers. The secret to cooking Indian food is the use of right spices. These spices should be fresh. A large percentage of taste and flavour that Indian food derives is from proper use of spices. This is a secret that is not easy to learn. If you are a Westerner trying to learn the trick of cooking Indian food then this can be a daunting task.

Indian food is a healthy option. There is least use of red meat in Indian food. This means that you will not consume those harmful fats while consuming a delicious meal. If at all some meat is used it is usually Chicken or Mutton, which are safest to consume. If you opt for the South Indian cuisine then there are more health benefits. There is minimum use of oil in such cooking. Moreover, while catering for Indian food that hails from the Southern part there is use of coconut and coconut oil. As most know coconut has various health benefits, alongside it also minimizes the craving for sweats.

North Indian dishes have been held by many experts as oily and spicier. But the trick lies in selecting the right dish from the elaborate menu that would be presented to you. Rice and Tandoori Roti are two very healthy options to have with the main course. Rice is a good food when consumed in right amount and Tandoori Roti is baked rather than fried.