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Tandoori Broccoli Florets

Tandoori Broccoli Florets

This is one of our signature dishes which is made up of florets of broccoli marinated for an hour with a thyme-powdered combination of cottage cheese, milk cake, pimentos, black olives and ginger; then grilled succuntly in the Tandoor. Preparation time: 20 minutes+ marinating time Cooking time: 10 minutes Serves: 4  Ingredients 1 cup parboiled gobhi florets 1 cup parboiled …

Tandoori Mushroom

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There are many Indian restaurants that are catering delicious food to the customers. The secret to cooking Indian food is the use of right spices. These spices should be fresh. A large percentage of taste and flavour that Indian food derives is from proper use of spices. This is a secret that is not easy to learn. If you are a …