Relishing Recipes Of fine Indian Cuisines For Distinctive Indian Dining.

North Indian desserts

Sitar Indian Cuisine’s Kamal Arora: 3 items he always keeps in his home fridge.

Asked what he’d pick for his last meal, Sitar Indian Cuisine owner Kamal Arora says, “Dessert, of course.” But which one? “A lot of desserts. I’d have them all,” Arora, 34, answers with a hearty chuckle. Asked for Sitar’s signature dish, Arora, who is wearing a striped polo shirt, cites Chicken Tikka Masala, which features white meat swimmingly in a …

Bengali Cuisine

Bengali Cuisine Bong-A-Bong.

Given that you live in New Jersey, how do your American friends respond to Bengali food? Every Bengali I have befriended in the US is a great cook. I don’t know how or why but they all are fabulous home cooks. I have said that in the book too. However, Bengali food is not really popular with the Americans who …

Maria Sharapova loves dosai

Spicy Indian Fare For Maria Sharapova

Indian cuisine has long been the no.1 food option of touring tennis pros like Maria Sharapova. So much so that London’s Wimbledon area, where a fair section of the players stay for the duration of the championships, has a wide smattering of restaurants offering — kurmas and butter masalas. American young gun Sloane Stephens, seeded 17 in the women’s draw, pointed at the pricey …

Indian Recipes for Hypertension

Tasty Indian Recipes To Keep Blood Pressure Under Control

Hypertension or high blood pressure (BP) is no longer an old man’s disease. Many youngsters too are  victims due to their unhealthy lifestyles. Junk food, alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, sedentary lifestyles and other such factors are reasons for triggering hypertension in many people who are only in their 20s or 30s. While regular exercise, shedding extra kilos and maintaining a healthy …

Tandoori Specialty

Event Catering: Barbeque Menus

       Tender-Roast Lamb Chops with Mint Sauce (OTS) Grilled Honey Chicken Wings (OTS) Home-Made Burgers (OTS) Buttered Garlic Rice Corn on the Cob Chicken Sausages Garlic Bread Bread Rolls Fresh Garden Salad Ice-Cream in Fruit Cocktail Tropical Fruit Punch Black Coffee     Grilled Red Snapper (OTS) Breaded Mutton Chops (OTS) Roast Spring Chicken Singapore Mee Hoon Baked …

Wedding Banquet event

Event Catering: Wedding Banquet Menu

WELCOME DRINKS Watermelon Juice STARTER Lamb Barbeque Tandoori Broccoli Florets MAIN COURSE Ginger Chicken Masala Goan Fish Curry Minced Lamb with Peas Spinach Mushroom Kofta Indian Mix Vegetable South Indian Sambar INDIAN BREAD & RICE Chapatti Chutney Mary Special Naan Garlic Naan Peas Pualo SALAD / ACCOMPANIMENTS Bhoondi Raitha  Pappad and chutneys DESSERT    Fruit Salad or Tea / Coffee …